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-- Where the water lies like a boomerang

A mind-blowing road trip in Western Australia

  • 18.03. - 22.04.2022
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Western Australia is the land of the iconic road trip. I firmly believe that God created Australia’s largest state, with its scenic and rugged beauty, epic surf spots and one of the most pristine coastlines in the world, for us earthlings to explore by car. 

So, I jam-packed my Landcruiser with toys for every occasion — two wavekiteboards, a surfboard, a foil board, six kites, several bars, harnesses, wetsuits, my swag (one of the greatest inventions of mankind!), an Engel car fridge, gas cooker, camping chair, my camera gear, and the most important kitchen utensils — kissed my husband goodbye and hit the road. 

The Esperance area, about 800km from Margaret River, is an isolated paradise on the coast of the Southern Ocean and is famous for its breathtaking beauty. The Wudjari People of the Noongar cultural group (also Nyungar, the Indigenous Australians of South West Australia) are the true locals and the traditional owners of this region. Their name for Esperance is Kepa (Water) Kurl (Boomerang), meaning 'where the water lies like a boomerang'. Fundamental to Noongar and Wudjari identity and culture is a strong connection to the land with a deep sense of responsibility to both manage and nurture their “country’’ (Boodja or Boodjar) and everything connected to it. 

What made this trip even more special was working together with Jaimen Hudson, an acclaimed drone pilot & photographer and finalist for “Young Australian of the Year 2019”, who is a quadriplegic and one of the most legendary and inspiring humans I’ve ever met ( ). Plus, the photos and footage we created together speak for themselves.
" As ubiquitous as the white sharks in Esperance are, I stopped thinking about them. Wherever the swell and the wind were up, I went kiting. I did long downwinders, played in transparent waves and was without exception, always alone on the water.
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Gabi Steindl

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