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Where the Outback meets the Sea

  • North West WA, Australia
  • 30.11. - 20.12.2022
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With a massive area of ​​2.6 million km2 (ten times larger than the UK) and some of Australia's most iconic landscapes, Western Australia (aka “WA”), is the home of the iconic road trip. Remote and vast get completely new meanings here in Australia’s largest state. Some 1,200km north of the WA’s capital Perth (the most isolated city in the world), the Ningaloo Reef — the world’s largest fringing reef! — is a sparkling gem in Western Australia’s crown. With a length of 260km and home to around 300 species of coral and 500 species of fish, it’s considered more spectacular than the Great Barrier Reef. With watercolours that put the South Pacific to shame, this absolutely unique and truly magical corner of Australia has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 2011 and is without a doubt one of the world's last great ocean paradises.

However, the North West of WA is also a very rugged, isolated and harsh place. This is where the deepest Outback meets the sea, where the eagles and snakes say good night to the dingos, where big fish (tiger shark, whale shark…) patrol the shores and turtles come to breed. One of the last true wilderness areas on Earth, where only a tiny fraction of the already sparse WA population lives.

With my Landcruiser chock-a-block with kiting, surfing and camping gear, I hit the road in Margaret River, where I live, almost 2000km further south. Working together with two renowned cinematographers/photographers (Violeta J. Brosig, owner of the award-winning Bluemedia Photography as well as Andre Rerekura, Ocean Videographer from, who’s working with big clients like Disney Channel etc), my goal was to create the mind-blowing footage and to kite in places where nobody else has kited before!

I scored all that and so much more! What a place, what a trip!
" With hundreds of kilometres without any phone coverage, no fuel station or town, in case of any issues, it can take an eternity before you even encounter someone who might be able to help. But it’s so worth the risk!
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Gabi Steindl

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