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Video Project LOS ROQUES Roques

action video

  • Los Roques, Venezuela
  • 09. - 22.03.2022
  • Action
  • #ionactionsports
  • #duotonesports
  • #truekiteboarding
I've been kiting now, for over 10 years! One spot that I always wanted to go but had never made it, was Venezuela. It was always a dream for me to go to the islands of Los Roques. It seemed as if I was always busy or going on another trip. For whatever reason, comp or shoot, I never made it happen!
My Girlfriend is from Venezuela, so I had finally the chance to go. At first, we went for 2 weeks, only me and her. We had amazing time exploring the islands and I had in my mind to do a video project. So, of course, I contact Noe and ask if he was keen to come and make this video for me. He came and we went exploring this amazing place with a lot of secret spots and paradise spots. We had been filming for 2 weeks, we had wind almost everyday and perfect light for shooting. So as you can imagine it turned out well but Noe will take his time… soon the full movie will be out, so be ready to froth and enjoy!
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