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Training&Rehab in and around Mun Geisenfeld


by Janni Schader

Geisenfeld, Germany

22. - 24.07.2016


On a mission

For a watersports athlete the worst thing that can happen is to have to stay out of the water. I was hoping to return to the water soon after I heard the diagnose "ruptured eardrum". So far its been a longer way than I thought and Im on a good way but I have to stay out of the water for another 4 weeks. When you were hoping for a fast recovery and making plans like competing the first time in a wakeboarding competition that really tears your plans and hopes apart. But it is how it is and you have to make new plans - health is the most important in the end. So the new plan is: get back in shape and train hard to come back stronger than ever before! My new playground will be the mountains but I will still go and support my friends at the speedpilotcontest and cheer for them!

Getting back in shape


  • Tina Frühling


  • Dominik Gührs


  • Nadine Härtinger



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