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Training&Rehab in and around Mun Geisenfeld, Munich

Speed Pilots Contest

by Janni Schader

Geisenfeld, Munich, Germany

23. - 24.07.2016



There are more and more events like the speedpilots or Munich Mash. It's such a great format combining different sports to connect people. Even though I was planning to compete at this event but couldnt because of my injury I am super happy for my friends competing and delivering a good show there. It's still nice to just go there and watch and have a good time with your friends. And thats what I love so much about this sport. It doesnt matter how good you are or how many titles you won - you can just go there ride together with your friends, cheer for each other and enjoy life on the urban beach.

Sport connects!


  • Tina Frühling


  • Dominik Gührs


  • Nadine Härtinger



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