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GoneSurfing - Lapoint Surfcamp


by Janni Schader

Canggu, Indonesia

09. - 16.10.2017


Learn how to surf in 6 weeks

So since I decided to learn how to surf properly this time and not just be thrown into a worldclass surfspot like all the times before in Maui/Capetown/Morroco. trying to survive.. but actually take a surf course and improve. That is why I asked my freind Marit Nore for hepl who is also a Makulo athlete and working for Lapoint. Since I was coaching in one of her Kitecamps in Norway earlier this year and was stoked about the good organization and funny Scandinavian people I decided to do the camp with Lapoint in Canggu. They are cooperating with the Ripcurl Surfschool and I have to say this school is so well organized as well, super friendly, good quiver and great instructors. So if u ever want to do a course - these guys rock!

"I don't work out - I just surf" - John John Florence



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