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GoneSurfing Indonesia

Learn how to surf in 6 weeks

by Janni Schader

Indonesia, Indonesia

05.10. - 16.11.2017


Surfing Bali

I just finished the first year of my work as a surgeon in Germany. In december I am moving to Davos, Switzerland to work there in the emergency department. So till then I took 3 months off to travel. Since I have only been to Asia 2 times and never to Bali this was on top of my To Do List, I always wanted to go there and I thought this time it is perfect. I am kiteboarding on a professional level since 5-6 years now and therefor I was traveling the whole world for it so far. On my journeys I was surfing once in a while but always wanted to learn it properly. So the following idea was wandering around my mind since a while: My project is to travel 6 weeks to Indonesia/Bali just with a backpack instead of 50kg of kitegear and properly learn how to surf in 6 weeks.

Bali - here I come!!!!