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GoneSurfing - Friendship


by Janni Schader

Bali, Indonesia

07. - 13.11.2017


It's more fun with friends

Six weeks in Bali are already coming to an end... Time is passing so fast when you are experiencing a lot of different things and meet so many new people. I went on this trip all by myself with the confidence to meet people and make friends easily. And it worked out just as planned or even better. Bali is a refuge for travelers, adventurers, seekers and a lot more. I met a bunch of people who came here for vacation and never left. In Bali you have local life, perfect waves, yoga, great food and still western standards. Even good hospitals as far as I can tell. Sometimes things don't work out as planned here but it doesn't matter - then you just make a new plan - people are helping each other out here, no matter if local or foreign. Bali is a microcosm you can easily can get lost and never return... I loved to dive into it and I will return for sure, the Bali fever definitely got me. But as much as I got hooked by the surfing spirit I can't wait to go home, back to my steady, "boring" life. I thought I would never say this but I really miss my job. And my friends and family. I guess this is the hardest thing about living in Bali - people come and go, long friendships are rare...but nowadays it's easy to stay in contact through social media. And there is one thing I am sure about: the friendships I made here will last a lifetime.