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Makulo Features


Tell your story through pictures

Try to capture the unique moment you experienced.

  • goodtimes
  • friends
  • momentsofhappiness


By logging many pictured sessions you can improve your activity index and make your unique lifestyle accessible to others incl. Brands!


Together with our pro team we will continue to develop unique action templates to give you the best tools to promote yourself across the web.

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Tricks and Action Templates


Adding Tricks with little video snipplets (45sec) you can improve your action index


Add video sequence to session and post same sequence to FB POST

More action templates to come!

Connect + Influence - Become a Storyteller

Copy link to clipboard and use in post!

Tip: Add Makulo link to session or trick to post on facebook
also add image from post to session.

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Unlock your profile by adding 10 pictured sessions across all action sports in many different destinations

Feature Highlight - PROFILE

The MAKULO profile is the one and only destination for fans and brands to experience your lifestyle - it's the HUB to dive in … And explore!

To make the most of your profile

  • Select 3 activities at least
  • Add more than 5 top 5 lists
  • Use our social HUB - Connect your facebook page (private or fanpage)
  • Add Vimeo or/and YouTube
  • Add Spotify playlist

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